Everything is just a voice command away!

With the evolution of technology and everything being just a command away, voice assistants have evolved from being a pl ...

30 March, 2020
Music: A boon for our everyday lives

Music can never be defined in a singular manner because just like art, every individual has his/her own definition of it ...

12 March, 2020
Fitness And Music

Music and Fitness have always been related. Sometimes you’re just a workout away from a good mood and music serves as ...

12 March, 2020
What does ohm & Impedance mean in Earphones/Headphones?

Have you ever wondered what is ohm & Impedance in an Earphones/Headphones or how do they even affect your music list ...

20 January, 2020
What are Bluetooth Codecs and what do they mean?

The one thing which is becoming extremely important in our everyday juncture of life is wireless earphones and headphone ...

21 October, 2019
How to clean your In-ear headphones (wired/wireless)?

Have you ever wondered that earphones/headphones do require maintenance? Listening to music on our very personal in-ear ...

05 October, 2019
6 things to consider while choosing your next Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Earphones play a multitude of roles in our everyday lives. Other than to enjoy our music, earphones can be used to enhan ...

30 September, 2019
Wireless v/s True Wireless Earbuds? What’s the Difference?

Imagine reaching home after a day of extremely hard work and all you want to do is plug your earphones into your device ...

27 September, 2019
Evaluating the Premium Audio Experience

Music has a deep & innate impact on human’s that in every situation you initially go back to it. It has become a p ...

19 September, 2019

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