What are Bluetooth Codecs, aptX, AAC, Bluetooth headphone, earphone, best bluetooth earphone in India, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), AptX HD, LDAC
TAGG   21 October, 2019

The one thing which is becoming extremely important in our everyday juncture of life is wireless earphones and headphone [...] Read More

 Bluetooth earphones with mic, sports earphone headphone earbuds, true wireless earbuds
TAGG   05 October, 2019

Have you ever wondered that earphones/headphones do require maintenance? Listening to music on our very personal in-ear [...] Read More

True Wireless Earbuds with mic
TAGG   30 September, 2019

Earphones play a multitude of roles in our everyday lives. Other than to enjoy our music, earphones can be used to enhan [...] Read More

True wireless Earphones, wireless earphones, bluetooth earphones, portable wireless earphones
TAGG   27 September, 2019

Imagine reaching home after a day of extremely hard work and all you want to do is plug your earphones into your device [...] Read More

 Bluetooth earphones with mic, sports earphone headphone earbuds, true wireless earbuds
TAGG   19 September, 2019

Music has a deep & innate impact on human’s that in every situation you initially go back to it. It has become a p [...] Read More

True wireless Earphones, TAGG true Wireless headphone Bluetooth, True Wireless headphones with touch control, True Wireless Sports Earphones , True wireless headphones 5.0
TAGG   14 September, 2019

The core ideology behind TAGG ZeroG is to provide the experience with superior sound while unlocking a whole new level o [...] Read More

True wireless Earphones
TAGG   13 September, 2019

Over the years, we have enjoyed the company of wired & wireless earphones/headphones while regulating our everyday l [...] Read More

True wireless earphones
TAGG   10 September, 2019

Headphones and earphones are the two most frequent things that we tend to use alongside our phones. Be it wired or wirel [...] Read More

Wired Headphones and wireless headphones
TAGG   29 July, 2019

Alongside the continuous evolution of mankind, music has evolved simultaneously, transcending all barriers and making ou [...] Read More

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