Wired Headphones and wireless headphones
TAGG   29 July, 2019

Alongside the continuous evolution of mankind, music has evolved simultaneously, transcending all barriers and making ou [...] Read More

earphone jacks
TAGG   26 July, 2019

Everyone is used to carrying their headphones everywhere, no matter where they are heading. The love for music is embed [...] Read More

TAGG Sonic Angle 1, Bluetooth Speakers, waterproof speakers bluetooth
TAGG   13 July, 2019

Music is the only thing that keeps us company while traveling, making the journey freer. At the same time, Music enablin [...] Read More

TAGG   14 June, 2019

Starting your morning journey with music has become an everyday habit. Whether during workout sessions or on your way to [...] Read More

Fitness And Music
TAGG   01 March, 2019

A recent research conducted at Brunel University, London has confirmed that listening to music while working out can inc [...] Read More

TAGG   28 November, 2018

In this age of outright mobility where people are always on the move, the preferences of music listening gadgets has als [...] Read More

Tagg   08 August, 2018

Music has embedded itself in our existence so deeply that today it is impossible to imagine human life without it. With [...] Read More

Evolution of Music over the Decades
Tagg   09 May, 2018

Ever since the inception of human consciousness, music has been an integral part of our lifestyle. No matter what the ge [...] Read More

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