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6 things to consider while choosing your next Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

30 September, 2019   True Wireless Earbuds
Earphones play a multitude of roles in our everyday lives. Other than to enjoy our music, earphones can be used to enhance our productivity or for additional clarity during calls. But the question remains, does making a choice for earphones, more specifically wireless earphones makes you anxious like when the lecturer in the middle of the lecture asks you to make a choice between a home assignment or a presentation? At such decisive moments, it becomes important to make the right choice so that you can enjoy listening to your jam...  

When it comes to music, choices are subjective and everyone has their own preferences while choosing how they want to experience music. People nowadays prefer Wireless earphones in order to experience the power of music in all its glory. This new era of portable wireless earphones allows you to listen to your favourite soulful or pop music on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you are heading to the gym or travelling or just enjoying the delightful hours of sunset, the right pair of earphones will always bring you with the high-definition audio quality. 

But nowadays the market is filled with wide varieties of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones that sometimes it becomes daunting to choose the perfect pair of earphones as making the right choice is partly science, part art, and a lot of trial and error. So here are the 6 most important things to weigh on while buying a new pair of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones to relish the ultimate mobility with music. 

Sound Quality 

The sound quality comes on the top of the list while deciding for any Bluetooth Earphones. The earphones should deliver high-quality audio with incredible bass, an excellent mid-range & clear treble that doesn’t sound too sharp or piercing on higher frequencies. Earphone sound quality is usually a measurement of accuracy and enjoyability despite the fact that there is no absolute reference for sound quality, It’s entirely a matter of personal taste. The accuracy of sound quality can be measured by people or tools. But the most objective and accurate audio quality results always come from using tools. This is the most objective way of measuring it. However, the crystal clear sound of wireless earphones makes every moment memorable with the impulses of music. With such earphones, one should definitely feel the ultimacy of music without compromising on the experiences.


Don’t you feel irritated when you are on an important call & suddenly you faced distortion in the voice due to connectivity issue? That’s the reason, connectivity plays a major role in the performance of Bluetooth Earphones. With the balanced sound & connectivity and advanced technologies like AptX, you don’t need to worry about missing on the core events but one can just effortlessly connect the calls & control the music on the move. Devices with Bluetooth technology can connect and exchange data over very short distances using radio transmissions. 

Without any hesitation, you can freely enjoy the limitless experience of balanced sound with Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. So, before making a choice to ensure that the earphones provide balanced sound & connectivity.     

Battery Life

Most Bluetooth Earphones provide a decent battery life, however, it is subjective and depends on your usage. It is important to look for wireless headsets with a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of talk time and standby time that is at least over a week. These numbers might vary with specification, model & price. Basically, battery life is another crucial aspect you must consider while going for wireless earphones. Talk times and standby times can vary widely and Talk time is certainly a better measure for judging than stand by time. To match today’s faster & busy lifestyle, one must need such earphones which will get fuel within a shorter period of time & provide you with the extremely great experience of music. 


This is one of the most important parts of any Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. The earphones that you have chosen must fit in your ear canals perfectly without causing any irritation or discomfort even when you wear them for long hours. So, it's essential that you make sure the ear-tips are supplied with your earphones come in a range of sizes & that they fit in your perfectly and make an effective seal. Also, ensure that whichever earbud you zero on, they are easy to clean so that you can maintain decent hygiene. In our opinion, silicon tips are much better off than others. 


One might feel really disappointed if their earphones go out of life within a week or so. Therefore, to ignore such inconsistency and lack of durability of your Bluetooth Earphones, read up on materials used & certification like IPX rating for water resistance & durability for regular use. Other important aspects to consider is the built material and the warranty structure of the Bluetooth earphones you are choosing.  Always try to pick those earphones that have a strong build-up structure and provide you with a warranty that lasts long. 

Own Your Style

With all of the aforementioned factors, one must also need such earphones which are in sync with the trends and are stylish at the same time. In-Ear Headphones that feature an ultra-sleek style should be able to withstand vigorous activity, courtesy their sturdy built. These Wireless Bluetooth Earphones adds that striking edge in your urban rugged lifestyle to even make you stand out in the crowd.    

Wireless Earphones are a great way to listen or experience precise and absolute music without those annoying cables connecting to your device. These earphones are best for people who love to listen to music on the go & don’t want to hassle with the wires. At TAGG, we understand the current need of every hustler and keeping that in mind we have introduced a wide range of wireless in-ear headphones like TAGG Sports Plus, TAGG Inferno & TAGG Inferno 2.0 with built-in mic, smart battery & extremely precise scheme that Keeps You Ahead, Always!   

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I have purchased and im facing too much of problem of regarding to charging and service centers and talking to coustmer care executive they are not picking the call the sound quality is good but after that none other thing is good in this product

Vikash Singh


cm sulaiman

This headphone is great but I've used the other model Zeb-slinger which is even better in terms of sound. Below I mention the URL check it.

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