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All you need to know about Eartips

14 June, 2019   Sports Earphones

Starting your morning journey with music has become an everyday habit. Whether during workout sessions or on your way to office, enjoying music on earphones isn’t less than a ritual that we perform every day.

With the new-age inclination of headsets to experience the ultimate essence of music, we almost forget that the excessive use of earphones can make a direct impact on your ear’s health which inevitably will impact your musical experience. During this hassle, we completely forget that ear tips are  an essential part of earphones and ignorance towards the type of ear tips can lead to health issues.

If we look back in time, the older earphones came with miniature speaker driver which was designed in such a way that they only fit in the outer ear at the opening of the ear canal. If we analyse the sound quality of these earphones, they were typically marginal apart from being unbearable and really uncomfortable as they do not conform to the natural shape of the ear.

It is evident that ear tips plays a crucial role in today’s leading lifestyle and some of the leading ear tips are discussed below:

Rubber Ear Tips

Rubber ear tips are considered to be the most rigid ear tips material as they tend to be very hard leading to discomfort while being used. These ear tips also cause or can trigger skin allergies. Due to such results, these ear tips are not considered as the most comfy or desirable for the ears.

Silicone Ear Tips

As compared to other ear tips, silicone ear tips do not cause any ear irritation and it is considered to be the perfect match for using on the active and long-term basis. The most comforting part of these ear tips is their durability as well as really easy to clean them making them the perfect fit into your packed lifestyle.

Foam Ear Tips  

Foam ear tips are the least irritable and comfortable, as they conform to fit the ear canals. However, these ear tips are less durable and extremely complicated to clean regularly.

We at TAGG have always focused on providing a healthy yet bold musical lifestyle through our gadgets and we understand that in maintaining a healthy musical lifestyle, ear tips play a crucial role. Taking that into consideration we design our devices with utmost care to provide you the required comfort while providing true blue bold sound.

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