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How to clean your In-ear headphones (wired/wireless)?

05 October, 2019   Sports Earphones
Have you ever wondered that earphones/headphones do require maintenance? Listening to music on our very personal in-ear headphones has been in trend for quite a long time, but have you ever thought that the gunk which takes place in the tip of these earbuds can eventually ruin your musical experience while hampering your hygiene. But the question here is, how one can maintain the tips of their earphones without completely breaking them apart? It has become really important to put some effort in, to make your music listening more healthy.          

Regular use of our portable in-ear headphones eventually demands proper maintenance to ensure the longevity of belongings. It's important that you make an effort toward routine upkeep whether be it your gadgets, Laptops, books or even it is about your own well-being, everything requires effort. And it has become much more important when it comes to earphones which you use on a regular basis but have you ever evaluated that when was the last time you bothered to clean your earphones/headphones?  

Enhancing your musical experience with new-age audio gear is worth all the time you spend with. But one shouldn’t overlook the hygienic details that build up over time like bacteria, sweat, dead skin cells, germs, oil, dust & ear wax. So here are some of the ways through which you can take care of your earphones to have an incredible intake of music.  

Check the Gunk 

There’s always a higher chance that ear wax or gunk is coming in your way of having an absolute experience of music. But the question here is, how the gunk makes its way in this small pair of earbuds. Generally, earbuds are the only thing we never forget to carry, so, it's kind of natural that they pick up all kinds of stuff from the environment after which they become waxy, sticky and moist. These things are increasing the probability of causing damage, serious skin infection or increasing the bacteria in the ear. If wax coats or builds up on your earbuds, it can act as a layer to trap bacteria & prevent it from drying out so it can survive and grow.  

Clean the inside of earphones with a small brush to clean debris

To effectively clean your earphones, firstly make sure to unplug or disconnect the earphones from your device before starting the cleaning. Ideally, one should clean the earbuds once a week to ignore the muffling of sound due to wax buildup. However, it might be possible that the ear tips look gunk free or clean but it can be hiding some serious buildup. So, to start with pull the ear tips off the earphones. Use a tool or a small brush to gently scoop out any ear wax/gunk. Another thing to ensure that you do not jam the loop into the tip while it's still in the earphone or you may push the wax into the earphones & damage the drivers. 

Use cotton & lukewarm water

Once you are done with brushing, use a cotton swab with warm water and mild soap to clean the remaining dirt & earwax from the ear tips & also the rest of the part of it like the grill and earbuds. It helps you sanitize the surface whereas the warm water helps to remove the remaining ear wax. However, while cleaning with any liquid make sure that you don’t oversaturate the swab as you don’t want that the liquid seeps into the battery compartment or the earbuds themselves and damage the drivers.   

Let the ear tips air dry

The last crucial step to keep in mind, once you’re done with all the processors of cleaning them, don’t forget to dry them before putting them back on the earphones. It's really a simple processor to stay away from any kind of bacteria damaging or causing in the ear. It is extremely important that you thoroughly, inside & out, to see the truest & effective effects. For better results, make sure that there is no moisture in the ear tips before reassembling your earphones & using them again.    

Music has always been an inherent part of your journeys in a very significant way. It has always been there whenever you fall, to make sure that you rise up & shine again. To achieve this state of mind, In-Ear Headphones indulge you with your personal music to realize the very essence of oneself. But this personal equipment also requires some care, so that, it can make sure you will get an enhanced experience of music without facing any extortion due to ear wax & infect yourself with bacteria. 

At TAGG, we always design the gadgets with the utmost care to make sure that you never face any discomfort with your ultimate gear gadgets. Taking that into consideration, all TAGG products like TAGG ZeroG, TAGG Inferno, TAGG SoundGear 500 & many more, come with silicone ear tips as they are easy to clean which make it super handy to maintain decent hygiene. Henceforth, we always believe in providing you with the utmost comfort & with absolute experience of music without compromising on hygiene.

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