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What are Bluetooth Codecs and what do they mean?

21 October, 2019   Sports Earphones

The one thing which is becoming extremely important in our everyday juncture of life is wireless earphones and headphones. Every individual always wants to feel the integrity of music with their own thoughts & experiences. However, finding that perfect pair of headphones is much more difficult than it seems. There’s intense research goes before you went on to buy wireless earphones such as their connectivity, audio & various other features. Nevertheless, today's technology is becoming so advanced & enhance in nature that one can enjoy the gratification of music without any distortion & connectivity issue, all thanks to advanced Bluetooth Codec Technology.  

But the question here is, what is Bluetooth Codecs? How do this codecs even help in transmitting the music in your headphones? In a general understanding, every individual knew that the song you listen to is produced, when you click on the play button. However, it’s not that simple that you just have to click on the play button & the song will start streaming, there goes a high-tech advanced technology behind in producing the sound of your favorite music. As music stored on your phone is in digital information format which is then converted into a version which we hear is called the analogue format. This conversion process is known as DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) which is present in our devices. Before digging into the variant of Bluetooth Codecs, let’s take a moment to first understand the literals of DAC.  

A DAC simply converts or takes digital data & transform it into an analogue audio signal. Afterwards, it sends that analogue signal to an amplifier. However, Digital to Analogue conversion sometimes also delivers or affect the audio quality of songs. But the thing is, technology has evolved so much over the years that one has various substitutes to have an ultimate experience of audio sound without facing any such issues. To ensure you a premium quality audio experience, engineers have come up with advanced audio codec technology. 

Bluetooth Codecs

Basically, Bluetooth depends on a specific program or Codes which compresses data from the source like Smartphones, Laptops or tablets to quickly & seamlessly transmit wirelessly. Henceforth, a Bluetooth Codecs determines how your music is transmitted from the source to your headphones. It actually encodes & decodes the digital audio data in a specific format. Particularly, it transmits a high-fidelity signal at the minimum bit range which eventually results in minimizing the space & bandwidth required for storage & playback. A lower bitrate means better compression and worse sound quality, a high bitrate means better sound quality & worse compression. 

Let’s now understand the different types of codecs help in producing better audio sound.

SBC (Sub-band Codec)   

The SBC (Sub-band Codec) is the default codec in almost every Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. SBC is a lossy compression algorithm which said to be the basic coding standard A2DP for most Bluetooth devices & is present in almost every device by default. This codec supports sampling frequencies up to 48kHz and bit rates up to198kb/s for mono streams & 345kb/s for stereo streams. Basically, when this Codec encodes the music for playback, it drops pieces of music the algorithm deems low-priority, these are the sound you mostly can’t hear anyway because they’re masked by other sounds in the same frequency range at a higher volume. 

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)   

ACC is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. Basically, it is a digital audio file type that has been promoted as the successor to the MP3. AAC can transmit 250 Kbps of audio data which the preferred codec for Apple Music, however, the frequency cutoff varies widely from device to device with AAC. So, if you’re using AAC compatible In-ear Headphones or Earbuds and streaming music via Apple Music or ACC Audio files on your device then you will be able to listen to premium music without any lags in the audio. 


AptX is an Audio Codec that can be used to compress and decompress music when streaming via Bluetooth while this codec is also known as Qualcomm AptX which was invented by the renowned chipset manufacturer Qualcomm. However, Aptx is practically synonymous with high-fidelity Bluetooth audio which promises a “CD-Like” transmission of your music, although the compression it uses means it can’t quite mimic the 16-bit/44.1KHz quality you’ll hear on a disc. 

AptX HD 

AptX HD is also known as AptX Lossless which is an enhanced Codec that supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth & has been engineered to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in lower background noise. With such advanced technology, one can even listen to the smallest details of the music without any lags in the audio quality. 


LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony, which allows streaming high-resolution audio over Bluetooth connection at up to 990Kbps at 24-bits/96KHz. LDAC allows approximately three times more data than another tech to be transmitted over a Bluetooth Wireless Network with unprecedented sound quality, by means of efficient coding & optimized packetization.   

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Pl arrange above codecs in increasing sound quality terms.

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