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True wireless earphones

What is a dual driver in Earphones?

10 September, 2019   True Wireless Earbuds

Headphones and earphones are the two most frequent things that we tend to use alongside our phones. Be it wired or wireless headphones/earphones, everything that enables us to listen to music does come with drivers inside. These drivers help in producing deep & powerful sound which eventually lets you experience the desirable audio & what makes these different types of speaker desirable is the technology used in it. It's the technology which is making our musical experience more enhanced and audio drivers are one of those technologies that help in producing the most consistent & surreal musical sound.    

Earlier the earphones & headphones used to come with single drivers per ear which also used to bind them with certain limitations. However, the drivers have also gone under various transformations and every time it comes up with a more advanced & enhanced level of technology. Dual-drivers are also the result of these transformation/advancements that perfectly compliment the nature of today’s world. There are already different kinds of drivers available in the world of gadgets where the dual-drivers comes as one of the most advanced of all the other drivers. As these are operated by the two sets of drivers, as each earpiece contains two separate speakers in which one to handle the high & mid frequencies and one to handle the bass to provide you with the surreal experience of music.

With an added extra driver on each side of your earphones/headphones provide you with a much clearer & louder audio, so you can enjoy your favorite playlist without any distortion which you may not be able to experience in single-driver earphones. 

Another important feature which makes these dual drivers more efficient & trustworthy is its advanced level filtering. This feature in dual drivers separate sound frequencies from each other and gives you the much smoother and more precise sound frequency from low-end to high-end which naturally enhance the sound quality. These dual drivers today breaking all the boundaries that limit ourselves to experience the superior yet filter-free sound while letting you enjoy the state of Absolute Freedom. 

To cherish & compliment the technological advancement of dual-drivers True Wireless Earphones are introduced in the world of audio gadgets. These earphones bring the new wave of unlocking a whole new level of freedom. As these True Wireless Earphones provides you complete freedom from the wires, as they not only lack wires between the device but also lack wires between the earphones themselves. While these True Wireless Earphones not only gives you freedom from wire but also provides you with an Absolute Freedom from the surrounding with its high-tech noise-cancellation advancement. However, its work by transmitting the Bluetooth signal to the device to one of the earpieces, the masterpiece than transmit the signal to the other earpiece and you can effortlessly enjoy your jam while having a true blue experience with its magnificent sound quality. 

We at TAGG always believe that one should get the absolute musical experience & collect the best listening remembrance with our gadgets. Taking that into consideration, we have introduced ZeroG to provide you with the Absolute Freedom through its high-tech advancement which not only allows you to move freely but also let you enjoy the very essence of music without caring about the surroundings.  

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