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Wired Headphones and wireless headphones

Wired and Wireless Headphones: A peek into the history

29 July, 2019   Sports Earphones

Alongside the continuous evolution of mankind, music has evolved simultaneously, transcending all barriers and making our lives much more interesting. Every beat is designed to touch lives in a unique manner but how does one reach that moment of serenity without compromising other people’s space? By using their own unique wired or wireless headphones that help them escape the noise around them, but again how does one finds the distinction between wired and wireless headphones? 

The first truly successful headphones were developed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin & sold it to the United State Navy Earlier, which was then used by the US navy, telephone & radio operators. In 1958, John C. Koss, an audiophile & Jazz musician from Milwaukee, produced the first wired stereo headphones.

The term wireless has been used in communications history around the 1890s for the first radio transmitting & receiving technology, as in wireless telegraph. This term was revived in the 1980s & 1990s mainly to distinguish devices that communicate without wires. With a range of history, let’s now understand the various differences between wired and wireless headphones:- 


Wired earphones typically connect your device through the ‘Aux’ which is also known as 3.5mm headphone socket. These wired earphones are usually easy to use, as you just have to plug in the jack into the headphone socket and it’s ready to play your jam. With these wired headphones you can even connect your devices that do not support Bluetooth. But the major difficulty with wired headphones is that they easily get tangled and do not support the latest smartphones technology which makes it a little old in the new wireless world. 


Wireless is the new-age trend in the world of earphones. These wireless headphones give you the ultimate freedom as there’s no fear/worry that it will fall out and it’s reliable wireless feature makes it more portable to carry it around freely. Bluetooth wireless headphones isolate audio in better quality and also saves you from any kind of disturbance. These wireless headphones basically make your everyday job more compelling or easy. 

At TAGG, we understand that the requirement of every consumer varies and keeping that in mind we have introduced several products like TAGG PowerBass 700 Wireless Headphones and TAGG Metal wired in-ear headphones with mic, which are wireless and wired respectively that are designed in a manner that keeps you ahead, always!  

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