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Wireless v/s True Wireless Earbuds? What’s the Difference?

27 September, 2019   True Wireless Earbuds

Imagine reaching home after a day of extremely hard work and all you want to do is plug your earphones into your device and unwind by listening to your jam. But wait, the wires are tangled because you forgot to keep them in their pouch.

Maybe it's high time that you upgrade your audio gear. You make up your mind but now the real dilemma arises, wireless earphones or truly wireless headphones, which one to choose? You obviously don't want to make a mistake because it is an investment into something that is too close to your heart, your playlist. 

Technology, in today’s day and age, is advancing by the second and is striving to perfectly compliment our fast-running lifestyle. Music, in all its glory, allows our lives to be much more convenient to deal with and the best way to listen to them is using wireless & true-wireless headphones. These wireless headphones/earbuds not only free you from day to day struggle of wires but also provide the absolute musical experience.
Agreeing that both types of these devices make our lives comfy and hassle-free, but the question still remains, what makes these two innovative gadgets distinct & unique from each other?  Everything that makes these two types unique & distinct from each other is explained below:-

Wireless Headphones / Wireless Earphones
You know what interest the most about the wireless headphones, you do not need to stress over detangling the cords every time you use them. One can enjoy the notes of the music regardless of whether you are going for a walk or going for a jog. Wireless headphones/earphones breaking the typical understanding of the music listening experience. However, they are not truly or completely wireless in nature, the wires do co-exist between the device but still, it will provide you with the excellent audio experience.

Wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth which makes it easy to use while working out, jogging or running and it's On & Over-ear type provides the choice to experience the joy of different-types of headphone design & quality. These wireless devices set you free to enjoy the quality of music, as there is no physical connection between smartphones and headphones. The data is transmitted through Bluetooth to a receiver in the headphones and through the driver in the headphones. However, the sound quality always depends on the driver used inside the headphones speakers.

True Wireless Earphones / Earbuds
If you’re living in a nutshell then just an FYI, headphones with even a hint of wires are becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, the new age true wireless earbuds come into the picture.   The minimalistic design of these True wireless earbuds makes sure that it will go with whatever you wear. Whereas, these tiny earpieces which look like nothing is actually packed with some serious technology. These upgraded version of earbuds accentuate your musical experience in its unique & distinct way.

The true wireless headphones provide you with complete freedom from the wires. These headphones not only lack wires between the device but they also lack the wire between the headphones/earbuds themselves. This one difference makes them unique and distinct from the wireless headphones. The truly wireless earbuds come with the powerpack of Audio Transparency, Water Resistance, Stereo to mono & so many more. It works by transmitting the Bluetooth signal to the device to one of the earpieces, the masterpiece than transmit the signal to the other earpiece and you can easily enjoy your favorite playlist while having a true blue experience with its magnificent yet superior sound quality. 

With human evolution being inevitable, we have encountered the bigger changes in the technological universe & also the rapidly growing need to consume such advancement. At TAGG, we believe in providing you with a lasting experience while ensuring bold & superior audio experience with our high-end audio gadgets. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with our all-new TAGG ZeroG True wireless earbuds that not only provide you with Absolute Freedom but also gives an excellent yet incredible musical experience. Henceforth, we design our gadgets to provide you with the utmost comfort & with incredible audio experience to Keeps You Ahead, Always.

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