All You Need to Know About Wireless Headphones

28 November, 2018   Headphones
In this age of outright mobility where people are always on the move, the preferences of music listening gadgets has also shifted towards those that accompany the fast moving lives. No one wishes to stay tangled with the wires all over just to have a decent music listening experience and that is where wireless headphones step in to the rescue.

Wireless headphones are an epitome of portability and convenience in the present scenario and there are several things one should look out for while buying a musical assistant. Mentioned below are the factors one should consider while opting for a wireless headphone:
Sound Quality
There are several wireless headphones out there for people to buy and a lot of them do not come with the desired sound quality. The main disadvantage that regular wireless headphones pose is that there may be a loss of quality while high-definition audio is being transmitted. This leads to inferior quality music streaming and ruins the experience of music listening. One should look out for wireless headphones that do not compromise the audio quality and come with an industry leading chipset like Qualcomm.
Battery Life
Since wireless headphones run on battery, it is essential that one opts for a wireless headphone that has durable and long lasting battery. Bluetooth headphones get power from their own built-in rechargeable battery and it is of utmost importance that they deliver the promised battery life which shall work for at least 6 hours on a single charge. One point to be considered, the battery life also depends on how loud the music is.
Stable Connectivity
With most of the wireless headphones powered by Bluetooth connectivity, one should consider the Bluetooth version as it is directly associated with the stability of the connection. Better the Bluetooth version, the more stable connection will be. It is advised to get a wireless headphone that comes with at least Bluetooth Version 4.0
If you are a fitness enthusiast and like to carry your music while jogging, running or working out in the gym, then you should certainly opt for wireless headphones. The best part about these is that they do not slow your workout routine owing to the weight or pivoting. Even if you are out there travelling and need your headphone by your side then a foldable design will be preferred.
Since Wireless headphones are considerably more expensive than regular wired headphones, it is important to understand the economics of the expenditure occurred on acquiring them. One should opt for a headphone that is not only functional but also economical at the same time. Decent wireless headphones usually start at INR 2500 and the rest depends on subjective budget.

Taking all the aforementioned factors into account, we at TAGG are coming out with the all new TAGG PowerBass 700. These wireless headphones come with a powerful 40 mm drivers and 20 mm padded cushion design that ensures crystal clear music streaming for long hours. While these can be easily used while working out, one can easily carry them around that to the foldable design that turns these wireless headphones into a super compact size, that be easily carried around. What stands out the most is the innovative BASS TOGGLE that allows the user to enhance bass response with the press for a button. Built for modern audiophiles, these Bluetooth headphones are designed to keep you ahead, always.

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